The Importance of Soil Health to Sustainable Ag

Check out this great article about the importance of soil health, a big focus on all RDO's farms. From agronomists to field scouts, we pay close attention to soil health, having implemented best practices like the ones described in the article: 

Have Questions About Our Farming Practices?

In today's social media world, it seems anyone can look like an expert in just about anything. If you're interested in the truth about our sustainable farming efforts, follow the link in this web post to a Park Rapids Enterprise article explaining some of the leading edge practices we use to ensure the health, safety, and well being of the land, water, and our fellow community members.

Debunking the Myths About Potatoes and French Fries

Want to know the truth about America's favorite vegetable? Click on this news item for the link to a fact-based article by Dr. Steve Savage, PhD in plant pathology, dispelling the myths about french fries and the potato.  As farmers and scientists, R.D. Offutt Company works with industry experts to farm the land gently. The land is our livelihood and we are committed to protecting the environment so we can continue to help feed the world for future generations.  Our use of cover crops…

Why Large (Family) Farms Are Good For The Environment

Here's a great article from The New York Times discussing why there's room for farms of all sizes in this country. As a large Family Farm, R.D. Offutt Company people work hard every day to farm responsibly with respect for our natural resources.

Minnesota Farmers Take Water Quality Seriously

R.D. Offutt Company takes its role as a steward of the environment seriously. We continue to research, test, and implement different farming approaches with an eye closely trained on protecting our natural resources. For example, the use of cover crops is a growing and productive tool with numerous environmental benefits, and we encourage all farmers to investigate this growing trend. Click here to read a short editorial from The Minnesota Farm Guide which speaks to the…

Food for Thought -- America's Farmers

Farm Safety Week has come and gone, but this article about the American farmer's place in society is worth the read. Big and small, corporate and family, organic and traditional, take a moment to learn about the people feeding our families.

Debunking Myths About French Fries

In these days of social media, so many myths become reality unless we work hard to find factual information from reputable sources. Here's a good article from Dr. Steve Savage, author of "Applied Mythology" clearing up some misinformation with facts. Open this news item to access the link.

Soil Enhancing Pea Plantings Added to Crop Rotation

R.D. Offutt Company added peas to its Minnesota farms’ crop rotation beginning Spring, 2015. About 1,000 acres of peas will be harvested this year, with gradual adoption for rotation into all Minnesota acres by 2020. “This is one more step toward the company’s continuous commitment to environmentally sustainable practices in food production.” said Keith McGovern, President and CEO. Peas are legumes which provide a wide range of important soil quality benefits. Most notable are legumes’…

R.D. Offutt Goes Big With Operation Pollinator

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our neighbors and fellow North Central Minnesotans for the enthusiastic support of our Operation Pollinator plantings. We are committed to preserving and enhancing habitat for pollinators, deer, and other important wildlife and beneficial insects. See the full news item for a link to the Park Rapids Enterprise story.

Offutt Employee Volunteers In Action

In keeping with its commitment to community volunteerism, Fargo-based R.D. Offutt Company Farm and Food Division employees spent time volunteering to benefit the community and a special agency. In April, in honor of Earth Day, a group of 9 team members spent a few hours cleaning up the streets of downtown Fargo. The group collected 38 pounds of various items and debris. The cleanup initiative was organized by a group of downtown businesses and R.D.…

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