Brooten Fire Department Receives Community Builder Grant

Our team members work hard on the farm and in their communities. Our Brooten Farm Team is heavily involved with the Brooten Fire Department and is responsible for their recent Community Builder grant award from the Offutt Family Foundation. Click the link to learn more.

Beware of Food Labels Claiming What's NOT in Your Food

Interesting to see all the marketing claims about what's not in our food. Like "non-GMO beef". News flash -- no such thing as GMO beef. Read the article using the link below for more on what's not in your food, and never was in the first place.

10 Big Myths About Farming

Here is some great fact-based information about common farming myths. Our people work hard and do amazing things to protect the land with which we've been entrusted. Please know your facts before making conclusions.  

Don't Let Fear Drive Your Eating Habits

This New York Times article addresses issues we all face with food choices. Probably the best point it makes is not to let uninformed trends or assertions about food drive your choices. It is better for people to eat vegetables, period, regardless of how they're grown. Make your choices based on what foods you enjoy, and always include nutritious produce. If you think something is "bad", do your homework. And always check your sources. If a…

Back by Popular Demand

R.D. Offutt Farms is proud to announce the return of Potato Field Days!! 

R.D. Offutt Farms Continues to Build Pollinator Habitat

Check out this great story about our Pollinator plantings. A fact to share that's not covered is that U of MN entemologists are working with us to study these pollinator habitats, which are thriving. All of our Mustard cover crop plantings are buzzing with activity as well. To read the full story, click on the headline to access the hotlink or cut and paste this link into your web browser.

Why perception should not drive the science behind our food supply

This is a great article. Those who care about our food security should not let perception and extremists drive crop input regulations. Often groups like PANNA and others use the court system to exhaust the agencies who use actual science to make decisions. Or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

RDO Farm Team Spends Time with Local Students

Park Rapids 5th graders recently spent time learning about agriculture with Warren Warmbold, Midwest Operations Manager, and Tricia Denny, Executive Operations Assistant, for R.D. Offutt Farms. The team hosted about 150 students, sharing information about the potato growing process. Students learned about potato planting equipment and the complexities associated with growing different potato varieties, seed sizing, and more. The group was highly energetic and clearly engaged with the subject matter, asking great questions about the process of…

RDO Donates Trees to Help Straight River Trout Habitat

Click on this link to a local news story about R.D. Offutt Farm's contribution to the DNR's Straight River trout habitat improvement efforts. 

Always Read the Fine Print

Check out this great article from The Washington Post about the importance of eating your vegetables. As the article states, "misinformation about pesticides breeds fear and confusion" and we've seen a lot of that lately. Being informed means reading more than headlines and not believing everything special interest groups want you to. Just remember to wash everything before consuming, particularly organics. But do like your mother said and eat your vegetables! 

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